There's a rotating cast of characters - but mainly hello evening has involved 8 years of Nisan Perera and Kevin Yoches sitting in dark home-made studios which were sometimes freezing, sometimes baking, sometimes semi-nice, a lot of times semi-not-nice, sometimes daylight, many times middle-of-the-night and writing and recording for not many other reasons than the fact that we'd laugh a lot making music, even when maybe there wasn't a lot of things outside of it to laugh at.


Settle In, Silence


We recorded this album about two and a half years ago and then put it on the shelf in the living room while our lives changed rapidly around it. It felt safe on that shelf - and while children happened, break-ups happened and general shifts happened, it felt easier to not acknowledge how much things had transformed while it was sitting there as a "work in progress" that could transport us to this seemingly simpler past.

It still sits there on our shelf, but now it's complete and not an unfinished sentence so much as a completed chapter of our lives - which has served as a beautiful foundation for these more recent, equally-exciting and rapidly-evolving chapters. And now, at least, it will have the chance to sit on your shelf as well.

hello evening